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Dual Battery Wiring Packages


Complete dual battery wiring packages with installation at our factory, your home or work

Select your ideal package and leave out items you may already have

Please make sure to select your vehicle and let us know your required fitment date

Most systems take 3-4 hours to install

Once the dual battery wiring from main battery is complete, other products are easily added

We only use National Luna products as these are all plug-and-play and easy to upgrade

Battery boxes can be fitted next to or on top of our Loadslider


*Please take note of the following regarding battery boxes

DC25 Green box can take any type of battery

Grey box can only take gel or lead acid battery


*Any of our accessories can be added at a later stage

*Canopy can be upgraded to higher trim level before or after fitment

Dual Battery Wiring

PriceFrom R2 400,00
VAT Included
  • 2 year warranty on all accessories

  • Click here to compare all of the canopies we offer

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